Domiran Empire

The Domiran Empire is the dominant power of the Centralian Sea. Ruled from the great city of Domir, the Empire governs lands around the central and western portion of the sea.

History The city of Domir was founded 564 years ago as a small farming and fishing village in the region of Galta. The village grew over the years, allying with or conquering neighboring villages. In it’s 312th year, Domir was invaded by a coalition of Mian city states hoping to control the strategic Straits of Armara. The Domirans secretly learned to work iron from their Mian overlords and eventually overthrew them. They were lead by Veloth, a noble exiled by the Mian. Veloth set himself up as the first Emperor of Domir. In the years since, the Domiran Empire has expanded its territorial holdings. The Empire has a reputation for martial excellence, defeating the Mian to the east and the Remerans to the west in several wars. A string of Emperors have ruled, some good and some bad. The most recent Emperor, Aral V, has proved an able ruler.

Geography The Domiran Empire is currently the largest and most populous civilization around the Centralian Sea. The capital city of Domir lies in the province of Galta, on the southern shores of the Straits of Armara. This province is a peninsula filled with farmland, olive groves, and numerous villages and towns. To the south the land becomes increasingly dry and mountainous, eventually fading into the desert of Nef. To the north, across the Straits of Armara is the province of Transaquitania, which holds a substantial suburb of Dormir. Numerous villas of rich nobles can be found along this coast. The Bay of Bisto is a dry and sparsely inhabited coastline in the southwest of the Empire. In the southeast is the Pagos Sea, homeland of Mian civilization. The numerous islands and cities of this area still maintain a strong Mian culture, and although they are now ruled by the Empire they have influenced it in many ways. In the northeast, the lands around the Op river provide much of the grain that feeds the Empire. Vast slave plantations line the fertile floodplains of Op, and the port city of Jevan is a major center of trade. Lately the 3rd Legion has driven out the strange wild men of upper Op and opened the area to colonization.

Culture Domiran culture was influenced by Mian culture during the occupation, and in areas of art, literature, and philiosophy the Mian influence is still strong. However, the Domirans have surpassed their neighbors in the areas of law, engineering, war, and organization. This reflects the generally practical bent of Domiran society. Domiran law is complex and well developed. Domiran engineers first invented the arch and dome, and the empire is linked together by and excellent series of roads. The Domiran legions are very powerful, with a fighting style that emphasizes discipline and training rather than individual valor. The Domiran empire itself rules a territory far larger than the disorganized Mian city states ever managed to do.

Domiran Empire

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