writings of historians

Numerous tomes have been written on the history of the world by educated Mian and other philosophers. Some of the more famous are as follows

Historia Domira, written by the Domiran historian and scholar Ageanis. This work was commissioned by Aral IV to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the crowning of Veloth. It is well researched, but narrow in focus.

The Gratian Chronicles are a mixed collection of history, mythology, geography, poetry, and advice passed down by the Upper Gratians. Numerous different scribes have contributed to the chronicles for more than a thousand years.

Heiro’s Remera is a famous epic set in the misty past of Remeran history. Every Remeran can quote at least part of the epic, and it is very important to their culture and religion.

The Travels of Polon, written by the Mian traveler Polon 200 years ago, discuss his travels across the length and breadth of the known world and beyond. He is known to have embellished some of his tales, and the descriptions of strange lands east of Gratia may or may not be reliable.

Compendia Biologica is a beastiary written by the Mian scholar Lerastor. It describes a vast number of creatures ranging from those as ordinary as mice and roosters, to strange creatures like Giraffes and Grond, rarely seen by any Domiran.

writings of historians

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