Philosophers study the human mind and the natural world. A number of philosophers and schools of thought have developed around the Centralian Sea. The Mian city states experienced a great flowering of philosophical thought 300 years ago. Two main schools of thought developed, the Fatalists and the Volitionists. Fatalists do not believe in free will and spiritual beings. Violitionists believe in free will, and various spiritual beings. In addition, historians and natural philosophers wrote many treatises on the world around them. Even after conquest by the Domiran Empire, philosophy has remained a respectable pursuit for any Mian, and any sizable city in the Pagos Sea will have an academy or library.

The major branches of philosophy are detailed below. All philosophers dabble in several, and the distinctions between them are not well defined. Domiran philosophers tend toward the applied, Mian philosophers tend toward the theoretical.


  • Pure Philosophy: The study of the mind, logic, and cosmology.
  • History: The study of the past.
  • Mathematics: The study of numbers, especially geometry.
  • Natural Philosophy: The description and categorization of the natural world. The study of life, geology, and the weather.


  • Architecture: The construction of large structures
  • Tinkering: The construction of intricate mechanisms
  • Oratory: The skill of effective public speaking
  • Medicine: Healing diseases and understanding of the body


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