Domiran Military

The Domiran Legions form a highly effective military force which has played a major role in the [Domiran Empire]’s rise to power. The nucleus of the Domiran fighting force was organized by [Veloth] in the days of the [Mian] occupation. The first groups of sword and spearmen were arranged into maniples and trained to operate as independent while remaining a coherent army, allowing them so successfully defeat the more heavily armed phalanxes. Domiran fighting style emphasizes training, discipline and order—Domirans are soldiers, not warriors. The army has been refined and improved over time, but has stayed true to it’s origins as solid, versatile medium infantry.

The Modern Military

The largest formal Domiran military unit is the Legion. There are currently ten legions, although more are created in times of war. Each legion is nominally made up of 6000 men, but are often somewhat undermanned. Legions are divided up into Cohorts, each containing around 600 men. In turn, each cohort contains maniples of 100 men.

The typical Domiran soldier carries a short stabbing sword, a couple of javelins, and a large, rectangular shield. Armor consists of a helmet, segmented or chain mail shirt and skirt, greaves, and hobnailed sandals. Additionally, soldiers carry a pack with supplies and camp equipment-in a pinch the army can operate for a short time without a supply train.

Despite their many conquests, Domiran tactics are fundamentally defensive. Domiran soldiers are trained to fight from behind their shields, offering few openings to enemy attack. When in enemy territory, Domirans build fortified camps, and many a disorganized barbarian charge has broken on an unmoving line of Domiran soldiers.



Domiran Military

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