Domiran Currency

The coinage of the Domiran Empire consists of the aureus, the sestercius, the decimus, and the aes. The current coinage system was introduced by Aral IV, who ordered a rationalization of the formerly debased and chaotic currency of the empire. Coins are often referred to by the metal used in them, instead of their proper names.

Descriptions of the coins:

Aureus: A pure gold coin bearing the image of the emperor who minted it, weighing 6g and worth 25 sesterces

Sesterces: A (mostly) silver coin weighing 2.5g and stamped with the imperial seal, with a value of 10 decimi

Decimus: A bronze coin with a value of 10 as, stamped with the image of various gods

Aes: A small copper coin, octagonal in shape.

Half-Aes (physically cut in two, or sometimes thirds) and pins are used informally as currency, but small change is generally hard to come by.

One aes would purchase a small loaf of bread, a soldier is paid one decimus per day. A sword would cost about 60 decimi. A donkey would cost about 15 sesterces, a horse about 25.

1 decimus is worth about $10 gurps dollars (medieval).

Domiran Currency

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