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  • Aral V

    Aral V, son of [[Aral IV]], is the current ruler of the [[Domiran Empire]]. Under his rule, which began in 555 AF, the Empire has consolidated the gains made by his father and conquered new territory in the upper reaches of the [[Op River]]. He is known …

  • Aral IV

    Father of [[Aral V]], ruled from 328-355 AF. He was best known as an organizer and for being overly fond of his dancing girls. He reorganized the [[Domiran currency]] system.

  • Veloth

    The first [[Emperor]] of [[Domir]], Veloth led the revolt against [[Mian]] invaders. He is credited with an original military innovation-splitting Domiran infantry up into smaller, independently maneuverable units which were able to flank the less mobile …

  • Grond

    Unlike many of the other strange creatures populating myth and legend, numerous Domirans have actually seen the Grond. Myths of large, hulking creatures, neither man nor beast, have long been a part of [[Domiran Empire|Domiran]], [[Mian]], and [[Remeran …

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