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  • Tarpa

    Tarpa is a massive port city in the delta of the river [[Nosco]] in [[Lower Gratia]]. The city connects trade going up and down the river to the seaward shipping lanes. Foreign traders are confined to the Ship Quarter and the adjacent docks by the …

  • Pemra

    Pemra is a dusty little border town on the eastern borders of the empire. A few fishing boats operate out of the natural harbor, and a modest amount of trade passes through the area, but mostly the town exists to support the sizable fort and associated …

  • Domir

    The city of Domir is the capital of the [[Domiran Empire]]. It was founded 564 years ago as a small farming and fishing village in the region of [[Galta]]. Since then the city has grown greatly, and is now a major center of commerce and politics …

  • Wadi

    Westernmost City of [[Upper Gratia]], ruled by a council of Elders. Most of the trade from the west passes through this city.

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