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  • iron

    The art of efficiently working iron in significant qualities was introduced to the [[Centralian Sea]] by the [[Mians]], who maintained a monopoly on the process for some time. They learned the technique from the [[Gratians]]. However, their secret was …

  • silk

    Silk is a fine, smooth cloth which is traded from the east. Details of its origin and manufacture are unknown.

  • spices

    Spices are used to preserve and flavor foods. Several types are grown around the [[Centralian Sea]], and others come from the east. Merchants consider exotic spices an excellent trade good because they are light and valuable.

  • cipher book

    Cipher books are another example of [[Domiran]] practicality utilizing [[Mian]] ingenuity. To transmit a message using a cipher, both sender and receiver must have identical texts-usually a copy of some common manuscript. The sender records the position …

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