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  • Mythical Creatures

    The writings of Natural Philosophers and the tales of travelers alike describe numerous strange creatures never seen by the average Domiran. Some of the more notable examples are listed below: [[Grond]] [[Frey]] [[Sea Serpent]] [[Singing trees]] …

  • Roc

    [[Gratian]] tales often include the great Roc, and enormous eagle or condor rumored to be large enough to carry off an elephant. It is said that a sultan of [[Lower Gratia]] once had a Roc chick which stood taller than a man in his menagerie.

  • Frey

    [[Gratia|Gratian]] rumor tells of strange men, known as the Frey, who live across the sea. These men have no heads, but instead have mouth and eyes embedded in their chests, and are reputed to be ferocious fighters.

  • Glypt

    Glypts are large, heavily armored beasts which inhabit marshy areas in the lands south of the [[Centralian Sea]]. They are about 12 feet from head to spiked tail, with a domed shell covering the main portion of the body. A recent expedition from the [[ …

  • Pssaminth

    Wormlike creatures which burrow through sands and loose soils in warm areas. Most are small, under a yard long. The largest can be longer than a man. Not much is known about these creatures due to their secretive habits, although large ones do …

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